Sand Sport Super Show Success!


At the 14th annual Sand Sports Super Show Baja Designs celebrated 20years of innovation and racer proven off-road lights with a bang.  Many of you have been hearing “buzz” about BDs new OnX LED light bars.  These are the light bars that Baja Designs racers have been excitedly testing and they are all saying the same thing: “this LED light bar really gets out there and it’s small enough to significantly reduce wind drag!”.

The SSSS was the first chance you  finally got to see them for yourself.  Baja Designs released the OnX LED light bar and also the SII LED light to the public at 5:00 pm September 14 at the opening of the SSSS.  Their new OnX LED Light Bar is the only light bar on the market that has the distance of an 8” HID with the smooth spread of an LED.  The OnX will be sold in 8” increments ranging from 8” all the way to 51”.  If you’re looking for the guaranteed farthest projecting LED light on the market, look no further.  On the other hand, if you need a light that will fit in the smallest of spaces, then you should check out the new SII LED light.  This 3”x1.75” light produces 1,800 lumens and will outshine any other 2, 3or 4 LED auxiliary light on the market.  Not only that, but its small size means it can be mounted virtually anywhere.


Thanks for Coming out to see BD at the Sand Sport Super Show September 14-16 at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds.  BD lights are made right here in California and carry a lifetime warranty.

If you were unable to attend the Sand Sport Super Show there’s no need to panic, call 800-422-5292 before Tuesday September 18th to get show special pricing.


Show Specials

15% Off: OnX

SII: MSRP 174.95 Sale Price: $135.00

25% Off: Stealth & Squadron



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