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stealth blog cover image

Baja Designs Stealth CAMO LED Light Bar

We at  Baja Designs have taken “Stealth” to a new meaning with Camo Stealth LED Light. The popular Stealth LED light bar is now available in the BD Woodland...
Squadron LED Light ADV Kit

Squadron LED Light Adventure Bike Kit

The Squadron Adventure Bike kit takes lighting the road & trail to a new level, as it allows for two ultra-bright Baja Designs Squadron 3″ x 3″ LED lights to be properly mounted onto...
Perry Mountain 24-Hour Race

Destry’s Perry Mountain 24-Hour Race Story

Perry Mountain 24-Hour Challenge Maplesville, Alabama June 2-3, 2012 You might have to give me a little bit of leeway on this story due to the fact that this...
Baja Designs Steal Polaris RZR Mounts

30″ Stealth LED Bar A-Pillar Polaris RZR Mount Kit

Baja Designs 30″ Stealth LED Light Bar  Mounts for Polaris RZR New Baja Designs A-Pillar mounts make for a perfect fit on the Polaris RZR 900 UTV. The strong A-Pillar...
Honda CRF/X Squadron Kit

Baja Designs Honda CRF/X Squadron LED Kit

“For the off-road enthusiast the Squadron is quite possibly the best all-around light for the dollar.” – Dirt Bike Magazine  The Baja Designs Squadron Honda CRF/X LED Light Kit provides...

Baja Designs LED Light Bar Survives 96 mph Crash

Baja Designs Squadron

Baja Designs Squadron LED Light

Imagine a high powered LED light with a lens area not much bigger than an average post-it note! The Baja Designs Squadron 3×3 LED light is proving to be...
Squadron LED night shot

What you need to know about off road lights

Hey everyone, we wanted to share some information regarding light sources and beam patterns that might be useful when discussing lighting options or comparing products. We understand that this...
Baja Designs Double Stryk

Smaller and Brighter LED lights

The technology for white LEDs is evolving quickly. Recent developments in highly efficient phosphor coatings are allowing manufacturers to create white LEDs with smaller die sizes and higher Lumens...
Is your LED light bar made in China?

Is your LED light bar made in China???

You may or may not know, but many companies buy off-the-shelf lights designed and manufactured in Korea or China and have them labeled with their brand. There are companies...