Is your LED light bar made in China???

Is your LED light bar made in China?

You may or may not know, but many companies buy off-the-shelf lights designed and manufactured in Korea or China and have them labeled with their brand. There are companies selling identical lights all manufactured by the same company, but each buying company slaps their own name on the lights and markets them as their own.

These are cheap imitations that come nowhere close to achieving the optical patterns and lighting output provided by the Baja Designs’ LED lighting systems.  It is easy to imagine that companies from China would copy quality light bars and they do sometimes, as far as looks(cosmetic). The fact is, it’s not cost effective for Chinese or Korean companies to make quality light bars. They use the cheaper components, housing, optics, boards, etc. and sell them effectively to U.S. distributors that mark up the cost. As far as real physical problems, yes they all have them and will continue to have problems because it is easier to cut corners and costs . The optics will have sharp cut offs, the boards and housings will not allow for proper heat dissipation which will  ruin the LEDs and the light itself overtime. Basically the light would be no where near as bright as a company who has control over optic design, heat sink management, diodes, etc. Ultimately a person will have to go with what they feel is best for them, their budget, or vehicle; but we will continue to produce the highest quality U.S. made LED lights possible.  Be sure to always question the origins of the LED lights you are looking at.

For More information regarding LED technology please view this ARTICLE

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