Bright Just Got Brighter



Bright Just Got Brighter
San Marcos, CA – June 4th, 2013
Baja Designs LED lights are now 20% brighter. The Scientists of Lighting are installing the newest versions of the XP-G and the XM-L manufactured in North Carolina by CREE. Baja Designs OnX, Squadron, and SII led lights are made with CREE’s new XM-L2 (10 watt) and the Stealth LED light bars contain the new XP-G2 (5 watt).
“We have written many white papers and spoken countless times about LED efficiency over the years, but it never ceases to amaze us how much room there is for improvement from LED manufacturers. CREE, like us, is an engineering based company and once again their engineers have not only improved their efficiency, but have used new technology to increase the brightness of these LEDs.” – Alan Roach
These are the kind of improvements that allow Baja Designs to make night time driving as comfortable as driving in daylight. The Scientists of Lighting are proud to work with other U.S. manufacturers such as CREE that strive for endless perfection and bring you bright ideas made better. If you are looking for the brightest LED lights available or if you would like to upgrade an existing product to the new 20% brighter XP-G2 and XM-L2, please call the Scientists of Lighting at Baja Designs.Media Contact:
Trent Kirby – Marketing Director
Baja Designs

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  1. Jose Trueba Reply

    Awsome products. :)

  2. Subaru Loyalist Reply

    I started with the Legendary 35 Watt HID Fuego, then decided to jump into LED, was amazed with the Squadrons, then amazed times 2 with the Baja Designs Stealth LED Light Bar, and now with my New ONX LED Light Bar, Aliens Beam down when I turn it on and say…."so we like your style, we saw ya down on earth from, the dark side of the moon,, where did ya get that?"

    Worth Twice Their Cost

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