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Baja Designs is attending Stadium Super Trucks!



Baja Designs is attending

Stadium Super Trucks!

The Scientists’ of Lighting at Baja Designs would like to invite you to join them at an awesome new event series, Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks. Baja Designs is very excited to be a part of the event; located in San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium, as a vendor they are happy to represent quality U.S.A. made LED lighting at this promising new race series.

“Stadium racing helped Jimmie Johnson, Casey Mears and myself launch our careers,” said Robby Gordon, President of SST. “Bringing off-road racing back to the stadium like Mickey Thompson did has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time, and I am proud to say that we have finally accomplished it. SST offers attractive racing venues, remarkable track designs, substantial purse, and opportunity for network TV a lot like NASCAR because you can visualize the whole track.”

Baja Designs will be equipped with a variation of products and the Scientists will be more than happy to answer any and all lighting questions. Come stop by our booth in the PIT section of the stadium for exciting discounts and prizes, just look for the labcoats! For more information on Stadium Super Trucks, events, and racers please follow this link.

SII colored lenses now available in amber, blue, green and red.


OnX Redefines LED Technology Once Again…

OnX Redefines LED Technology Once Again…

After months of racer testing in brutal conditions, Baja Designs has opened their vault and released to the public the long awaited High Speed OnX. The High Speed OnX features the in-house designed High Speed Spot™ optic unique to Baja Designs. The Scientists of Lighting™ at BD have rigorously tested and refined the High Speed Spot optic to achieve distances never before documented by an auxiliary LED light.

“For years, LED technology was not capable of being focused enough to be practical for high speed use so the driver would out run the light,” says Chief Engineer Alan Roach. “With the release of our OnX LED bar we have demonstrated that LED technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and is finally ready for the big leagues. I personally drove a Trophy Truck at over 115 mph with the prototype High Speed Spot and with some small improvements, the production version is even better.”

Proving Roach’s point, the OnX was the first light across the finish line in the 2012 Baja 1000 and was also the light of choice on three more of the top ten overall Baja 1000 finishers. Since then, the OnX has gone on to win many other grueling races which solidifies BD’s reputation for both amazing light output and durability.


In other news: The Scientists of Lighting™ at BD have added even more functionality to the OnX. The OnX already includes High, Medium and Strobe modes and now BD is offering a Dual Controlled OnX LED light bar. The new Dual Controlled system allows the OnX to not only be controlled in two different sections, but both sections will have all three modes and can be produced in multiple color combinations.

Baja Designs’ uService™ technology allows you to customize the beam pattern and color at any time based on ever changing terrain and weather. Check out the video below for a brief demonstration of BD’s new Dual Controlled OnX LED light bar.


Baja Designs’ Scientists Evolve uService™ LED Lighting Systems

Baja Designs’ Scientists Evolve uService™ LED Lighting Systems

SAN MARCOS, CA – Baja Designs (BD) has always engineered and manufactured LED lighting systems with replaceable lenses and optics. Amazingly enough, almost all other LED bars are silicone sealed and not serviceable. If a BD lens is scratched or scored, you don’t replace the entire light as you do with most imported products, nor do you need to send it back to the manufacturer as you would with other popular LED lights.


BD’s uService™ technology allows you to simply unscrew BD’s water and dust proof lens and seal to replace the damaged optics or lens. On top of that, the same uService™ technology means you can also change the optics of your light. When you consider that BD also includes a limited lifetime warranty on all their lights, uService™ offers the ultimate in purchase protection.




“Racing off-road for over 25 years has taught BD engineers to design products to endure even the roughest of conditions. Our uService™ replaceable lenses and optics will further guarantee a race finish while also saving you money from needing to buy a replacement light,” says Chief Scientist and Baja Designs founder, Alan Roach. Alan also added, “You wouldn’t throw out your car if your windshield cracks, would you? No, you’d just replace the windshield. So why would anyone design a disposable LED driving light? That’s crazy!”

Baja Designs has also evolved the uService™ technology to permit “customization.” Replaceable lenses and optics allow you to customize your pattern for any application on the fly or make repairs quickly and easily. BD’s uService™ products are uniquely o-ring sealed and carry an IP69K rating – that means they are submersible up to 9 feet and pressure washer-safe up to 1450 PSI. Catch the company’s YouTube video featuring Zog the Caveman attempting to rebuild his disposable lights while the Baja Designs Scientist easily breezes through his rebuilding process in minutes.

Look for the uService™ icon on all applicable LED products from Baja Designs. More product news from Baja Designs in the upcoming months will reveal a complete series of innovations designed to continually bring you a re-evolution of bright ideas made better.

Baja Designs | SII Polisport Motorcycle LED Light

The Baja Designs SII Polisport Kit is the newest and only LED light of its size available for motorcycle use. “Bright, Tiny, and Rugged”. We have mounted our award winning SII LED light in a sleek Polisport headlight shell. This light packs an amazing 1800 Lumens while using a mere 22 watts (1.8 amps) of power. This means that even EFI MX bikes can now run an insanely bright headlight with zero stator modifications. If you are looking for the smallest and brightest motorcycle light on the market with 20 years of motorcycle light manufacturing at its finest, then Baja Designs SII Polisport Kit is your answer!
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“With the SII, we finally have a high performance headlight for even the weakest motorcycle charging systems.” says head scientist Alan Roach.

The SII proves that big things do come in small packages. The SII motorcycle light offers an incredible 1800 lumens out of a tiny 3”x 2” housing. Our SII is THE brightest LED light ounce for ounce on the market because it contains the brightest LEDs on the market – 2 CREE T6 bin XM-L LEDs at 5000k color temperature. The SII is designed specifically for comfortable night-time riding. Three patterns are available, a combo/driving pattern, a spot pattern, and a full driving light pattern. Our uService technology allows you to change the front lens and even change the pattern of your light. The SII is designed, engineered, manufactured, and built in California as well as backed by Baja Designs’ limited lifetime warranty. If you are looking for the smallest and brightest LED light on the market the SII motorcycle light is for you!

-Many carbureted motorcycles require a stator rewind or an aftermarket stator to run this headlight. Please contact Baja Designs at 760.560.2252 to have this service performed. Cost for a rewind is $150, 3-5 day turnaround time. An aftermarket stator for most motocross bikes retails for $179.